Interview with Kevin Nevel

2018-07-13 Featured Artist


Kevin Nevel is an American International songwriter with an outstanding career. He recently won the Akademia Award for the R&B/Soul song "What You Do To Me".
He worked with stars like Leona Lewis, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and many more!
We are proud that Kevin joined our collaboration platform PREMIUM LYRICS. Read the interview with him here:

PL: Hi Kevin, you are a successful lyricist and songwriter. Please tell us a little more about yourself:

KN: I started out writing songs in 2001 for an all Girl Pop band "5 girls" from Austraila called: "DeZire"; with a singing style like "The Spice Girls". "Flame" is a song I wrote after following a lot of up & coming artists who really liked my songs. These are some very talented singers/musicians who had a rough road on the way to successful singing careers as "Unknowns" in the "Dog Eat Dog" world of the "Music Industry". this was especially true with artist who sold everything & moved to Nashville to pursue their music careers while waiting tables and working on cars.

PL: You are a lyricist. What brought you in this genre?

KN: Most singers/musicians do not write their own song; this is where I come in being a multi-genre songwriter; providing great, fresh relevant song lyrics for them to sing & perform. It's my desire to have my songs remain timeless & relevant; are played by my fans long after I've left the planet :)

PL: Who are the artists have you found most inspiring?

KN: My influences are Ed Sheeran, U2, Nickelback, John Legend, Bruno Marrs, Big New World, Sam Smith, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean Carrie Underwood, Maranda Lambert, Gwen Stefani, Adele, Shade, Rhianna, Sarah McLachlan, Sia, Lana Del Rey to name a few...

PL: What are your plan for the future?

KN: Continue writing hit songs for up & coming/top artists; worldwide successful collaborations with singers/musicians.

PL: PREMIUM LYRICS is a young but fast growing collaboration site for musicians and lyricists. What do you think about the concept?

KN: It's a great music site to post your song lyrics and connect/collaborate with many talented singers/musicians around the world looking for original song lyrics.

Find Kevin's lyrics here: