Interview with Rupert Webb

2019-03-11 Featured Artist


Rupert Webb is a new British songwriter who has been a musician for several years. He recently gave up a “real job” to pursue his dream and it’s a move he feels is most overdue.

Rupert has already worked with other artists in a band called Trees and with a young British singer called Jess B. We are proud that Rupert joined our collaboration platform PREMIUM LYRICS. Read the interview with him here:

PL: Hi Rupert, you want to be a successful lyricist and songwriter. Please tell us a little more about yourself:

RW: I always wanted to be involved in music. I’ve worked as an IT project manager for the last 20 years and whenever people said, “what are your aspirations", I’ve always replied, “become a rock star!” I’m coming to the conclusion that I missed the boat on that one, but I played in a band till very recently and wrote a lot of material for that platform. Since then I have written a lot of songs, both on my own and in conjunction with my ex band members.

PL: So why did the band stop?

RW: A little bit because of the inevitable musical differences, but mostly because I needed to spend time focussed on this aspect and not preparing for the next gig. I believe my ex band mates have a gig approaching with a different approach, but we’re all still friends. In fact I’m trying to encourage them to get started on Premium Lyrics.

PL: Are you a lyricist first then?

RW: I like lyrics and music, but I’m better at lyric writing than music writing. That’s not to say that my production skills won’t improve with practice, but writing lyrics comes very naturally to me and is very therapeutic. I’m always at it and I carry my notebook around so as not to miss good ideas.

PL: Who are the artists have you found most inspiring?

RW: When I was a teenager I wanted to play the guitar like a cross between Johnny Marr and The Edge, which would probably have got me lynched at school because people were never into The Smiths and U2 - always one or the other. I like a range of vocalists, Sia has a great current voice and I’d love to write for her, but again some of those 80’s singers with unique voices - Phil Oakey of The Human League or David Sylvian of Japan were big influences at the time. In retrospect they were probably trying to sound like Bowie or Lou Reed, so them too.

As for songwriting, you have to look up to Radiohead, as I’m not sure there is anyone pushing the envelope quite like them. I like the idea that Johnny Marr used to record guitar pieces on tape and walk them round the corner to Morrissey’s house and a week later they’d meet in the studio and record a song in one take. I don’t think I could do the Lennon and McCartney thing of sitting opposite each other with guitars until I have a formed idea or 2. My creativity works best on my own and then I have something to contribute later on. Mick Jagger said (and you have to do this in the voice), “just think of what you want to say and then make it rhyme”. When I make it rhyme, it changes what I’m saying completely, so I think I have a sort of Jackson Pollock approach, which is to channel what comes naturally and try to avoid preconceived ideas of where a song is going at the start.

PL: What are your plans for the future?

RW: Keep writing. I’ve just scratched the surface so far and I’d love to collaborate with a range of artists, new and established.

PL: PREMIUM LYRICS is a young but fast growing collaboration site for musicians and lyricists. What do you think about the concept?

RW: I love it. This is obviously a great way to get my lyrics to the attention of people who can use them and hopefully get me some hits!

Find Rupert's lyrics here: