Alan Bruflodt

Singer/Songwriter, Musician, and published poet. Been writing lyrics and poetry since I was about 5 years old. Some of my biggest writing influences are Lou Reed, Jim Morrison, Charles Bukowski, Arthur Rimbaud, Chris Cornell, and Butch Walker. I try to put an emphasis on word play and saying things in a creative way. I believe everything has already been said so what matters is how you say it. On average I write about one full song a week and have compiled a large amount of poetry and lyrics over the years. On here I will be posting lyrics that I think are good but don't intend to put on one of my future projects. Not because I don't think they are up to par with my other stuff but because I don't like the way I was able to preform the song and think that someone else might be able to do the lyrics justice.


#11 Suchergebnisse

This is a song about mental illness and feeling stuck in a certain place or mindset that is unpleasent or negative for the narrator
What I think to be a unique love song. The narrator is cleary expressing their love for this person but without explicitly stating it. It is also about mental illness and the couple's drug abuse that they bond over.
A song about reaching the point in a relationship where you can see that things have change and that your partner might be leaving you or leading you on
A song about someone who is in a bad relationship and deserves better but can't see it and continues to accept the pain their partner is causing
I song about removing someone from your life that felt like a drain on your soul or was a negative influence