(Alexa Markó)

In this song I dealt with losing hope. The dreams of working in the music industry being overshadowed by debt and stress. Don't we all wish we could fly away and dance on the moon sometimes?

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On a journey to find happiness I've been stumbling tumbling over this and that senseless contemplation my one and only goal up somewhere far away from my reach hanging on a thread so thin making me so anxious waiting for the fall if I had one wish, like all the cheesy heroines had I might abandon my dream I would fly away on a shooting star Grab the hands of an angel so so far Away Where no one can see me I would dance on stardust in dark blue skies Run circles on the moon and find out all the lies that were told for comfort is it really so hard to open your heart up just a little bit I can see all the sparkling energy in you It's waiting for you to finally let it out I'm XXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXX XX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XX XXX XX XXXXXX X XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX X XXXXX XXX XXXX XX X XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XX XX XXXXX XX XX XXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXX XXXX XX X XXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XX X XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX X XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX

© Alexa Markó 2019

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