Mark Meyer

Mark Meyer is a professional lyricist with experience in lyric writing.He has the ability to write a song for every season and time. With a proven track record, he has worked closely with some great upcoming talent.His work is highly respected.

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#13 Suchergebnisse

The struggles of life can tire you down.The only true resting place is at Jesus feet.
A song on being steadfast in Christ and having faith that sticks like glue.If we are anchored or glued to Christ nothing can move us, NO NOTHING CAN.Trials will come but God is bigger.
This song is a prayer and encouragement for someone struggling with certain issues. If we ask forgiveness, GOD will heal us.
Don't we all just hate being spiritualy attacked by the enemy? Trails and tribulations can bring us down but there is hope. We have power in Christ.
All of us have at some point realised that we are so undeserving of GOD's love and grace. This type of thinking brings you to the point where you appreciate what you have in life. What did we do to deserve JESUS? Absolutely nothing!