Ally Santoni

Ally Santoni is an aspiring author, although she's only 18 years old, she has been writting for around 5 years now. Her passion for music started from a very young age, since she has a 10 year older brother, whose she got most musical influence from. She has a strong passion for poetry and how words can connect people from all around the globe. Her only goal is to make people feel less alone and better about themselves, since music helped her in her darkest times. Music is her best friend, and she hopes to make it yours too.


#7 Suchergebnisse

This song talks about feeling the hurt after a heartbreak, a really really bad one. You are hurt and very affected by the break up because you still love the person very much, but they just couldn't care less about you. After all, they left you for someone else and laugh of your pain.
This song is about the frustration of being left behind. It's almost like a toxic relationship, where a person completely took advantage of you without you realizing it, they drain you and leave you empty. And after they're done with you, they just leave. And you stay there, stranded and lost. But eventually the feeling of sadness and grief has to go away, so you finally decide to let the person go, until the last piece of memory is faded completely.