Barry Katz

Barry Katz was first inspired to write song lyrics after hearing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time in 1992. His very first song lyric “Love Has A Way With You” was dedicated to Queen’s legendary front man, Freddie Mercury.

Barry wrote and recorded his first demo album when he was nineteen years old. The album contained fifteen original songs – each of which were completely unique in style. Barry later went on to write screenplays, one of which was a music-driven teen dramedy. He wrote the original song “Different That Day” specifically for the screenplay.

Barry has been described by many as a “creative visionary.” He is capable of writing in all styles and genres and deeply connects to his emotions.


#10 Suchergebnisse

A song about the uncertainty of the future as a man comes to terms with the end of a relationship.
A song about a lovesick introvert who longs for the affection of young girl, but struggles to find a way to get to her heart.
A song about a man who yearns for the affection of a love interest and relentlessly pursues her until his efforts pay off.
Intended for the reggae genre, this song follows a lovesick man who desperately longs for the affection of friend with whom he has a romantic interest in.
A song about a narcissist who sincerely believes he's God's gift to women and the world.