Bob Boyes

Hello, Bob, he is a songwriter, he writes in various styles of music. He is a member of the guild of international song writers. Bob, has had professional demoes recorded to a high standard. Bob's lyric writing is his strong point. Please take a look at his lyrics, see for yourself, you could find lyrics you're looking for.

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#15 Suchergebnisse

This lyric looks at the relationship of two people, one, that wants the fire to keep burning, the other knows it's time to leave to find somebody else.
This lyric is about a girl who comes of age; womanhood, hence, the title: by the end of the night.
This lyric is about someone who has waited for love again, then, love comes around again.
Sparkle is about someone who is looking for the love that they haven't got.
This lyric looks at how most, if not all, how people change in life, sometimes by choice, sometimes by illness; mental or physical.