Casey Hartley

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#8 Suchergebnisse

A troubled young girl who is constantly running from her "demons", and failing. Describes a night out, and how she has a tendency to take things to the extreme in order to avoid her emotions.
He wakes up one day and she's no longer beside him. The turmoil he suffers as months fade into years and he's still left wondering why; she didn't even leave a note. He begins to question everything that was wrong within the relationship, and where she could be now.
A short song contemplating city life, describing the need to run away from it and find somewhere tranquil and peaceful rather than living in the dark and miserable reality.
A song that describes the need to escape from a town, but how the decision between staying, or leaving everything behind is the end of one couples love story. Flash forward many years later and they reflect on what they could have been, but how it is now too late. One of them is destined to stay lonely, and the other trapped in a subpar town.
A short song about a toxic relationship and the games played within it. The person in the song feels the need to tip toe around the other person in order to keep the peace and prevent further problems arising.