Christina Marlar

Christina Marlar is a single mother of 3, who has an entire story to be told and has been writing songs/raps for years. Most is based off real life events put into music. There are several stories like these that need to be heard, please understand that these come from the heart. Through anger, pain, and struggles that single mothers and people who have struggled all their lives should be able to relate to. Strait from the soul to the radio


#9 Suchergebnisse

pretty specific as to what I have been through in life as far as people turning their backs. Tellin people to keep runnin their mouths but I will still be ok.
This is about a girl that loved and then was NEVER treated the way she deserved but at the end turns it as positive, uses it as strength.
This is about a single mom who Just can't seem to get a break. Feels like anybody and everybody has turned. The whole time all she's doing is struggling while everyone turns their back.
This is about thinking about making decisions before something bad happens. Only live once, used real life stories of a few people to get point across.
A girl that was in love, would have givin this man anything. He didn't love her in returns. She found out he was with another female. Instead of him just being honest about the situation, he lied and she is angry and hurt.