Colin Burgess

Colin Burgess has been doing song writing for just over 10 years now and has finally decided to introduce it to all whom may need to connect or relate to the words he writes about. It is his passion to take any words and write them onto paper. Hope you all enjoy!


#13 Suchergebnisse

Through the eyes of those with crippling anxiety. People who feel like there is no door to close to escape from their own mind.
A story of heartbreak. When you think you have the world in the palm of your hands and in an instant it's gone.
A story of a man in love with a woman whom each and every day, he feels blessed to be with. To sum it up, just a cheesy love song.
A story of an affair that turned into something more. Two people who were in lust, who are now in love must figure out if their steamy romance outweighs their current relationship.
A song about politics and how war will never change, or fix any problems. Greed and selfishness will only ever cause death and morbid outcomes.