Darius Winfrey

Darius Winfrey, is an evolving and amazing lyricist. He's been writing songs for over 5 years. He writes songs that speak to the heart of people, to succeed in every area of their lives necessary to be great, in whatever they are called to do. His lyrics are engaging, encouraging and uplifting to his listeners. Despite any loss, or setback that we as people may face that challenges us, one of his main goals as a lyricist, is too musically help fulfill the voids in areas of their lives. Even drawing them to God's love, strength and happiness, he believes they can find to win in life. He believes he's here on earth, to help others, by giving words with music "meaning" that blesses people.


#3 Suchergebnisse

This songs deals with the state of people, needing help once we realize we can't make it, anymore on our own, without help. It's a call out to God for help, from one's own very soul.
This song I hope speaks to the strengths, that lies within all people, who need help in any area of life, to be better. Even getting to knowing Jesus through his love he wants to share with all who will receive it.
This song is what I call, the heart's cry to reach God. I wrote this song, being mindful of the position of our hearts, to move his heart. Like, the way he feels, just simply knowing, I can make him happy, by giving him pure worship. Firstly, recognizing my state of being, and the need for him from his heart to bless me in a way, that makes our relationship even more real. That at every moment, I get, I want too commune with him, I know my desire is to move his heart, that allows me to give to him, what I know he would enjoy. it's simply a heart to heart connection, my humanity reaching to his divinity.