Dave Bryan

Dave Bryan writes it as he sees it when it comes to lyrics, straight-forward, honest, brutal at times, but always thought provoking and usually humorous as well. Faith based selections come from a grateful hearted believer who seeks a closer walk with the Lord. Imagine having "An Extra Helping of Love" from the Master just when you need it. Have you ever thought of yourself as "God's Problem Child"? If so this song will help you feel better about yourself and others as well. Having worked in the real world with real world bosses, experiences from the workplace are well represented in the works presented here as well. Check out "Rip Me a New One" and ask yourself if you've seen this happen, likely more times than you'd like to think about. And who out there hasn't worked for "The World's Worst Boss"? And ladies have you ever had "A Day so Bad that Even Chocolate Couldn't Fix"? Well here's the song you need. Check out this collection and see what you think, looks like some winners in there.


#9 Suchergebnisse

A salute to our doctors, nurses, and first responders, those carrying the burden thru this hard time we're in. These folks have jobs where any recognition they might receive for jobs well done, they'd trade for a better outcome for those they help. You my friends deserve the Gratitude of the Nation.
A salute to those out there keeping life as we knew it going on. Keep up the good work y'all we love all of you and give you our gratitude. May God Bless you and your efforts.
Whether we'll admit it or not, this is every believers story. All are born into sin and are problem children. Only thru God's grace can we say we used to be God's problem child.
Chow down on this feast of a song. Everything you could ever imagine on the longest table you've ever been seated at, all dished up with an extra helping of love! Sweet Jesus wouldn't have it any other way.
MAGA in a Godly way. George, Ben, Thomas, Paul, and of course John Hancock are spinning in their graves over the way the country is straying from the Godly values they envisioned for the USA. Time to reverse the trend. I see this as a Southern Gospel classic to be.