Dee Ramirez

Devita Ramirez is an inspiring artist, every where she goes, Philosophy is sure to follow. Her life is like a beautiful parable. She walks with courage, and talks with pride! She wholeheartedly welcomes you to her journey. Devita grew up with a huge loving family, with a past only filled with Happy memories!!! Her future is ETERNITY, where she lives to dream...... and dreams to live!! To all her loved ones, she is the "Momma Bear", to her friends, she's the "Realist." Strangers seem to fall in love and enemies can't help but want...... the D!! Her name is short, but it makes for a long introduction!!!


#3 Suchergebnisse

Puttin it down for da 5280 State!! DENVER COLORADO, so come ThroUgh.......enjoy the HI!!
I wear my feelings on paper, were they have been ripped and TORN. These emotional ups and downs, some in in-betweens and the get throUgh!!!
This flow, is a quick mini version of my intro to Mi Vita Loca!! Definitely be on the look out for some sweet lyrics and fun times!! Here goes the words that started it all.