Emma Lindman

Emma Lindman is an incredible, authentic lyricist, who uses a variety of different writing techniques in order to create a unique image in the audience's mind. Her lyrics are full of light, but also intense messages, giving quite the insight into the mind of her creative soul. You can tell that she loves her craft just by the detail she puts into her lyrics. Each piece is carefully edited and checked multiple times until Emma is perfectly happy with each word that is on the page. This level of care is what makes Ms. Lindman's lyrics of the utmost quality and power.


#7 Suchergebnisse

Two Voices is a look into the artist's deteriorating mental state, and what is going on in her mind during this time. The message comes at a time when mental health is a large topic of discussion, and highlights the importance of taking care of yourself.
Sleepless Nights was written a sort of sombre homage to the artist's generation. It is about how everyone is just trying to get through life with as many endorphins in their brain as possible, even though it may not end up going their way. It displays the ways that people tend to do this, by using eccentric and bright imagery.
This work is about celebrating the simplicity that one can take on. It's about being able to be simple on the outside, but immense and completely full of life on the inside.
Unguarded is about letting go of all the things that hold us back. It's about acknowledging and celebrating all of the little, good parts of life, and hanging on to them. It's about using these parts of life to drive the good will of people, and make the world a better place.
This work was originally written for two people who were getting married, but it was never given to them. It's essentially a love letter written from the perspective of one person in love to another. The work also highlights the fear that even those deep in love may possess: losing their partner.