Fernando Alarcon

Fernando Alarcon is a prolific and seasoned lyricist having written lyrics from jazz, rap, to rock and metal. His lyrics can be a playful social commentary, or it can be a dark and intense threat to an individual. The range is dynamic and keeps the listener engaged and focused on the song.


#6 Suchergebnisse

Poverty may just be a state of mind, but it's still a vivious cycle. This lyric is homage to those who are staying hopeful in order to come out on top.
Here's a captivating R&B lyric for that hopeless, smooth, and sensual romantic type singer.
Nothing like living like a rock-star... This rock n' roll lyric embodies the rockstar attitude and lifestyle with a raw, sexual magnetism.
This is a Rap R&B type lyric describing the course of a relantionship. It demonstrates how in every relationship, no matter what the conclusion to it may be, there is always something to learn or to take away from the experience.
This rap discusses how if an individual wants to be succesful in life (in this case in the rap scene) then they have to constantly be working on personal improvement. The song also comments on the rap scene and it's lack in raw talent.