Ilkay Cetin

He's a top-notch lyricist & rapper known as Ilkay C. aka Gilgamesh. This young artist is specialized in excessive wordplay and a genuis when it comes to multisyllabic rhymes. Ilkay C.'s rhymes fall into the same category as Big pun/Terror squad, Vinnie paz/JMT, Big daddy kane, Rakim etc.


#3 Suchergebnisse

Here's a rap verse about the harsh life we're living. It's a lyrical verse with multisyllabic rhymes. The message is: don't ever give up, stay focused, keep your eyes wide open and work & protect the people you love.
This one is a freestyle/punchline verse for entertainment and to show of skills. It's very lyrical, laced with hard bars from beginning to end.
Here's one hot verse about a lady I like. It's quite lyrical and has some decent wordplay in it.