Indya Renee

Indya Renee is a genuinely eloquent, yet introspectively raw lyricist beyond her years. Her words are derived solely from the heart non-fictionally charged and truly creative and real. There lies a broad range of versatility within the content of her art and is expounded when touched by the sound aligned with it allowing the diverse range of content, emotion, honesty and reality to its fullest potential.


#4 Suchergebnisse

A real poetic depiction of infidelity, lust, heartache, love, luster and regret laced in passionate zeal. A woman who has hurt her man by cheating.
Lust, entanglement, attraction, zeal, rejection, sexual tension, distrust, resentment, zest. Sentimental expression laced with passion.
A contemplative expression of melancholy and regret with a tinge of hope written as a spoken word.
An introspectively raw piece of material originally written as a spoken word piece in relation to the writers experience, strength, hope and wisdom.