Isha Dey

Isha Dey is a young lyricist who started writing at the age of seven. She writes books, poetry, spoken word poetry, children rhymes and songs, though there's not been a chance to publish these. Isha is a great music lover. She writes her lyrics and songs in different styles and genres, Gospel mostly. Her works elicit creativity aesthetically.


#16 Suchergebnisse

The lyrics in this song deeply tells us God's always shielding and protecting us and there's no reason to feel down or unsafe.
Cryptically: Coming out of your hiding place with hope and full of life. Emerging from negative thoughts of yourself and your own prison.
Gospel. The song tells us God's always with us. He guards and guides us, even in hard times. When we need him most, He's there for us.
These lyrics l call pills to those who are broken in their insecurities, bullied and despised. You are strong and not weak. You are beautiful inside and outside. You can only make you happy.
A rap song that's all about hope, aspiration and inspiration. A story about an angel who visits a man and inspires him to wake up physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically as well as working towards his dreams inspite of current and past challenges.