Ivan Hart

Jermaine Antony Kirkpatrick Ivan Hart affectionately called, J.A K. I . H. is a debonair, articulate, deft and witty lyricist with the pen. His writings span many decades, Songs bearing the inimitable charisma of the ive and charming singers, like Michael Bolton etal, yet there are those that are as modern and relevant to Usher. Some have dubbed him a 'situationalist', meaning you can find in his writings, something to fit every situation that life and art has to offer.


#8 Suchergebnisse

An anti-valentine song. Showing how frivolous some treat love.
Asking the question of your love one for the purpose of ascertaining if this is a match made in heaven
Meeting an old love after many years and realizing you are still in love as if nothing had changed. Confession of the heart and a desire to have the one that you lost in spite of the years and changes.
Drop dead gorgeous women who tears your heart to pieces.