Jaime Marie

Jaime Marie is a young, aspiring lyricist who sees the the beauty, pain, and wonder in the world. She seeks to craft lyrics that not only resonate with people, but that inspire them to look heavenward. Her capacity to write across several genres provides versatility and allows her to explore many aspects of life.

"I believe God created music with its incredible complexity and its strange simplicity to touch us with moments of the Divine."
- Jaime Marie


#3 Suchergebnisse

This is a song about someone who is ready to move on with their life. They are tired of being broken, and they are ready to take a stand. They ask the person they love to let them go. This person hasn't been treated with love, and they are ready to courageously take ownership of themselves. It borders on an anthem. They have made a decision, and they are going to fight for their freedom.
This song attempts to capture the beauty and joy of life. It is about living abundantly, and seeing "in color." It is a celebration, a wake-up call, and joy-filled offering of worship to God. There is beauty in life despite the pain, and that's the message of this song.
These lyrics are from the perspective of a weary Christian who, in the spirit of the psalmist, exhorts himself/herself to lift their eyes to heaven. There is ultimately a beautiful resolution as comfort is found in the arms of Jesus.