Jonathan Berry

Jonathan Berry is new to writing as an outlet. His work is written in a somewhat vague, malleable way but still somehow relatable. Feel free to overlay your life over these works that include hope, pain, family, dedication, and even reanimation.


#6 Suchergebnisse

Trying to leave a lasting impression on the people that you think have wronged you while justifying it as vengeance.
This is for thinking you are more than you are but still finding others in the same situation and finding some solace in that.
Somebody looking for peace or deliverance, searching for meaning. They encounter something and realize even giving in to vices to satisfy or numb that feeling caused them to become nothing.
I suppose this would be an attempt to glimpse into your own eulogy in a way. How would people see you or remember you.
I wanted to try and show a possible conversation somebody could have with versions of themselves. Possibly a good side that was jealous of the "bad" side.