Karlo Čavlović

Karlo Čavlović is a young lyricist who took up writing lyrics at a fairly young age as a way to express thought, feelings and visions in an easier way. The songs he writes are based off real life experiences and feelings a person has throughout their life. Ever since being a teenager he started expressing his thought in the form of lyrics which started out only as a hobby.


#20 Suchergebnisse

A song about craving the touch of a certain person and how you feel when you finally get what you want.
The song about two thieves, falling in love through their misdeeds
In the modern world of today, our leaders are set on a pedestal, we look at them as some sort of special and unique people, which, most of the time, they aren't. They lead us down a path of self-destruction and misery.
A song about losing your girl because of your own mistakes during the happiest time of the year.
A song about trying to prove to everyone that you're worth something and that everything you've gone through has some meaning and value.