Kyle Latham

Kyle Latham is a very motivated lyric/song writer who also plays acoustic guitar, sings, and raps.
His positivity and love for music inspires him to write new songs daily.
He enjoys writing creative lyrics while still maintaining a catchy vibe!


#5 Suchergebnisse

As you can tell my titles explain the songs!! "Medicate" Clear reference to smokin' in this rap, also gives the same vibe that I gravitate towards the most, motivation! Yes! They CAN go together and it CAN make sense!
This song is a rap song where someone motivated is describing not moving out of their music "lane" In which they created. Another fun catchy song with another set of relatable principles!
This song is written in the state of mind that someone fails but figures it out, so now expresses in the song never to give up. Yes! It's a simple idea that everyone can relate too! But it's also a great rap and dope lyrics. Chorus/hook slowed down for better vibe!
This song is a very relatable break - up song that is up-beat and hopeful, yet mysterious about whats ahead. This is a song that you wanna sing the chorus for and rap the verses. In a nut shell this song is about someone giving too much energy into someone else and is ready to move forward!
"Big Waves" Is about well, making big waves in the music game! This song is an up-beat motivated rap song that inspires to keep going! It is a very fun song to rap with a very catchy vibe and a very catchy chorus/hook!