Laura Åkerblom

A professional wordsmith with almost 20 years experience in the advertising industry, Laura is often heavily involved in the creative, conceptual elements of each project.

She has a wide-ranging taste in music, from easy listening to deep house, and sculptures her lyrics to suit various genres.


#5 Suchergebnisse

We've all been caught in the rain and, at some point in our lives, most of us have gone from looking great to looking like drowned rats very fast. The story in these lyrics happened to a very close friend of mine (a version of it) and I couldn't stop laughing. Which just got her even more upset. Which made me laugh even more.
These basic yet fairly powerful lyrics are slightly open to interpretation. They could relate to prevailing environmental turbulence, political turbulence or a turbulent phase of a relationship.
Written at a party in my own home. Heavy techno music with lots of bass was pumping out of the speakers, guests had arrived and I wasn’t ready. I really wanted to join in and these lyrics popped into my head. I imagined them to catchy bubblegum pop or occasional lyrics on an electronic dance track.
Most people in a long-term relationship will relate to these lyrics. Gently hinting at the everyday frustration, the affection and the routineness of a couple who are still in love.
These lyrics address the population's growing obsession with our smartphones, and acts as a gentle reminder that we should look up at the world around us every now and then.