Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson provokes deep intrinsic, contemplative thoughts and emotions through her talented writing. Lauren is able to channel feelings we all experience and connect them through her lyrics. Lauren believes that music is highly emotional and can bring a strong connection between everyone. Lauren's early writings focus on abridging why tragedies happen and the emotions they entail. Lauren's recent lyrics focus on personifying emotions through stories of people in their unique situations. Lauren's recent works also celebrate the connection of happiness to relationships and God.


#1 Suchergebnisse

When I wrote this song I imagined a mother explaining the world to her child. My mother always told me to "just stay little." This song talks about how a mom would paint the whole world perfect for her child, but she knows that she can't do that forever. The mother is realizing that her child is of her, but does not belong to her forever. This song tells the story that so many mothers feel everyday