Louise Holt

Louise Holt is an aspiring lyricist. Music has been a big part of her life for 15 years and after writing many songs for personal use, she feels that now is the time to let others hear them. Louise also plays guitar and piano and has put her lyrics to a few chords but she feels like her lyrics could be brought to life with somebody else's take on them and somebody else's music behind them. Louise describes her songs as deep and meaningful and although some of them are written on personal experiences, most of them are based just on what she has seen in others around her.


#12 Suchergebnisse

Meeting someone that completely overwhelms you with love
When something 'casual' is coming to an end and you realise you actually have those forbidden feelings
Missing a relationship and just wanting to go back to how it was
Heartbroken song about not wanting it to be the end