Maz Ali

In his climatic teen years, Maz had a realization. He finally understood the obstacles, the moments of vain and the moments of glory that life put ahead of him. It was so he could share his experiences with the world, things that would make another say "Hey, that's pretty relatable." As soon as he realized this, the idea of making songs sparked in his head. He would describe his life journies in a musical and relatable way. He started writing Rap, RnB and Love songs in 2015. Today, Maz writes all types of songs hoping that it will help someone whether they are dancing to it in their parties, listening to it reminiscing or gaining motivation. His life is a book, and these are his chapters.


#2 Suchergebnisse

Broken hearts, broken dreams and broken love. This is a song for all of you people who wanted to say something more but couldn't.
A song dedicated for someone we have lost and to the beautiful memories we have of them.