Moran Uliel

Moran is a 35 year old musician from Tel Aviv Israel.
She started her musically path from an early age, Moran's mother was a singer and past on that love to her.
You could tell just by looking at Moran, that she had that "Music Bug" inside her.
From a young age, she loved singing, she preformed at school, later on in a few bands, and after a while she decided to apply to a music school and got accepted as a singer.

Moran started posting a lot of cover songs on YouTube and getting subscribers and excellent comments, she began thinking about the next steps in her career and decided it was time to work on her own EP album.
She began writing personal experiences from her life, her pain and even shared the difficult relationship with her father.
She was heard by a lot of major radio stations in Israel, got accepted to a TV show, sang side to side with the Israeli top singer "Sarit Haded" and got quit a few articles about her in the papers.

Two years ago Moran has a severe accident in the gym, she fell while working out and broke two of her hands.
That accident literally stopped everything she was doing.
After six months of physical therapy, Moran raised herself up and started writing songs like a hurricane.
Writing suddenly was easy and almost liberating, all the build up emotions ran out on a million pieces of paper.


So what now?
She hopes her lyrics would be something other can relate to and moved by.
Come inside - Listen to her story!


#4 Suchergebnisse

A hopeful song to find the right love for me...
I wrote this on a nightly walk, with my jeans and sneakers. It's about not being able to tell the different between Love & Lust.
This song is written about loving yourself before you can expect others to do it.
I feel in love with a guy who didn't love me back and this song is about that guy who's bringing Bad Habits out of me.