NJJ Fourie

Jaco Fourie(NJJ) has always been an artist at heart, from poetry to sketches, he has always occupied his mind. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he has always taken life head-on. The words that he pens down usually comes straight from his heart, sometimes he just has fun with wordplay, but be assured everything he writes is worth every letter in gold


#6 Suchergebnisse

About two people who have lost so much in their life, and he just wants to love her and protect her broken heart.....
Boy meets girl and falls in love and he explains how she makes him feel
Wrote these lyrics for a friend that went through a very bad break up, she tried moving on but this man had a hold over her, so I tell the story so many felt, and knows so well that one that got away with more than memories they took your heart along
When someone totally wins you over, you realize that life before them was just a stepping stone, to what you experience now, and you know doesn't matter how many times you say it loving her wont be enough you have to give more
It's a love song, written from my heart to a lady that changed my life, Its about how she makes me feel how, the butterflies in the stomach effect the dry mouth the giddy giggles