Ouafae Lakhlili

Hi i am a talented lyricist. Ouafae has written songs since she was 12. She loves to write songs and likes to share her skills to the public. She writes when an inspirational idea pops up. She hopes you will like her songs. They're about LIFE. The good and bad things in life. Check them out, I would love it if you would do just that and I hope you will like my songs..


#9 Suchergebnisse

This song is about a man who acts like a boy and needs to grow up. He needs to man up and dont bother me with his dependances on every forbidden drug and drink there is.
The song is about a man who doesn't treat his girlfriend good. She breaks up with him and goes partying with her Friends VIP and her ex isnt invited. Lyrics in french
The song is about the little people a person has in real LIFE they can truly depend on. Also about the pain and suffering but with a happy advice in the end.
This song is about a boy who took (also financially) advantage by thinking of only his needs and desires. In the end the girl is fed up with his egocentric behavior and tells him to get kost basically.