Robert McDonnell

Robert McDonnell is a sole lyric writer that goes under the name of Macwicker. He has been writing lyrics for about 27 years mainly for fun, he has put some of his lyrics into music by means of a portable digital recorder. In 1993 he was Midland Artist of the week on BBC radio in the UK, he was invited to BBC Pebble Mill Studios in Birmingham UK to record 5 of his songs to be played on national radio.
Around the same time a record company that he sent a demo to showed great interest in a song called Shed A Tear, unfortunately Phil Collins Brought out a song of the same topic so that was the end of that. He has decided now to try and supply lyrics only


#7 Suchergebnisse

The grim reaper comes to collect a bad guy.
About Homeless People On The Streets
Happy chap pleased to be alive and have a job.
An old geezer gets back on the road and heads for the bike show.
Couple break up and he wants her back.