Ron Bensom

Ron Bensom is a young, talented, lyricist, whose lyrics, at times, seem extremely vague and ambiguous. However, under further scrutiny, his lyrics often illustrate intense, deep, philosophical context. He often distances himself from his lyrics, by assuming an alternate persona or character, in his lyrics, and writing from a different perspective. Most of his lyrics work well with 'minor chord progressions' or the 'Gmaj circle of fifths'. He believes that the most apt scale to use whilst constructing a melody, for his lyrics, is the minor pentatonic scale.


#3 Suchergebnisse

This song adopts a conversational tone between a person and his/her deceased loved one. These lyrics are extremely unstructured, and do not follow the normal song structure. This piece focuses extreme importance on the chorus, which has multiple aspects, elements, and divisions. It is an extremely complex set of lyrics, to work into a melody and song.
A person, with sudden clarity, speaks of the way forward for society; which involves the criticism of organised religion.
A man, who lives his life as a contract killer, recounts his personal life, outside his job as a hitman. This song explores this characters cognition and the mixed palette of emotions that he endures, everyday.