Rose Mary

Rose Mary is a soulful and talented lyricist. Rose has been writing songs for her self for a very long time as well as working with a lot of talented musicians. Her lyrics are perfect for any song or any other creative use. These lyrics also suit Pop, Rnb, Soul, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop, and other genres. Welcome to my world!


#4 Suchergebnisse

A song about a relationship that didn't work. It takes a lot of work and effort but when one person doesn't want to work towards it won't work. Sad but truthful soulful lyric with a pinch of the pop sound.
A love story full of life! A song about finding the right person that feels so right for you and that makes everything around you better. A love story with limitless feelings and hope. Young, wild and careless.
A careless dance anthem. A nighttime story about enjoying your time, dancing it out and just owning your body.
Broken and promised love. A song about regret and realization of a relationship. Evaluation of what went wrong and what could've been changed but feeling better after all by yourself.