Shelsey Issa

Shelsey is a different girl, that’s what people told her. She finds it hard to express herself at times. And when she does, her words come out on papers. She is usually a sad person, that’s what made it easier for her. She writes about a fictional life, an imaginary love, the closest she has ever been from reality is when writing about her sadness. Shelsey started writing songs at a young age, nothing was serious. By the time she became 16, her writings grew with her. She loved writing and made some room for it in her heart. Now with many songs in her notebook, she’s someone who wishes for her songs to be read, sung and played.


#3 Suchergebnisse

One sided love can be the hardest thing a heart would ever bear. So what if this love is also one to never happen? This song is meant to be for someone so far from reality. In the song, there’s a painful desire to be with a person you love to the point where you resent what you didn’t do in a dream.
This song is about a girl having her first sexual experience. Through the song, more emotions are revealed. The girl is impatient, telling her partner to kiss her before she changes her mind.
This is a song about two former lovers. The girl in the song has left a note to her lover in hope that they can meet for the last time.