Steven LaFollette

Steven LaFollette is a musician and lyricist who is ultimately looking to connect people through story in his work. Part poetry, part fable, his work weaves a thread of resolve, spirituality and earnest hope through a mix of narrative and vivid poetry imagery that is honest, melancholic and accessible. You can read your own meaning into the stories without sacrificing depth. His work in an invitation to collaborate as fellow storytellers.


#7 Suchergebnisse

There’s an arrogance that I think we all carry in instinctively in feeling we have the fullest understanding of what is true and good. I have always been a curious on the rather tragic mentality behind some of the world's most violent leaders who would swear that all they ever wanted was peace and the happiness of their people. My own journey in learning from my self-righteousness led to this somewhat hyperbolic tune with a “Cask of Amontillado” nod.
I wrote this in my apartment in Minneapolis, one evening when I realized life didn't have me where I'd expected it would. I still thought "where" and "what" defined who I was, so I was left a little lost and wishing myself toward an idealized future where all uncertainty was behind me. The "place" of this could be subbed for wherever you were when you likely had the same feeling.