Steven Mailer

Steven Mailer is a prolific lyricist who has been writing in the poetic and lyrical forms for nearly a decade. He's written in various genres from rock to metal to rap and has been churning out songs weekly since he was 16. Steven specializes in high impact, emotive work that's as brutal as it is relevant. With such a wide library you can find songs for any occasion, war, corruption, loss, love, innocence, rage, violence, sadness, despair, ecstasy, lust and frustration. He holds a university-level education in poetry and creative writing and is driven by a passion for the subject to continually produce high-quality musical pieces that'll appeal to any and all audiences.


#8 Suchergebnisse

Two damaged people come together but what might have been a relationship becomes nothing but the sharing of past traumas leading to a co-dependency forming that ultimately poisons their love.
The Last of a line of Super Soldiers stands defiant in the final hours, facing down a horde of unfathomable horrors for what's left of his post-apocalyptic world.
Two knights of religious significance are resurrected during revelations and while Heaven and Hell go to war, they rise with the mortal horde to wage war against both in an effort to free the mortal realm from the hold of the immortal.
Sang from the point of view of the last remaining caretaker of an ancient temple that has fallen to a foul corruption that's taken the souls of her slain brothers. Now she cries out for someone to sanctify her once sacred home.
The end of mankind hinges on the piety of a single man as a demon attempts to seduce him into its service. A song about temptation and how easy it is to lose yourself when you sacrifice in its name.