Singaround Project

The Singaround Project brings you lyrics about love and life’s mishaps and adventures, and somewhat of a conclusion on these issues.
The idea to create these lyrics originated when two friends got together, and it turned out that beautiful poetry created in Russian can turn into delightful and relevant songs in English.
Oksana Maksimchuk – film maker/poet and Katerina Turevich – poet/translator.


#4 Suchergebnisse

Eccentric Visions, Persistent Visions, Visions that remain forever vague and closed to a civilian. You can learn this song by heart to soothe your ace.
It's a love song. It's a love song. There isn't much to be said about it, except that it's a love song. :)) Repetitions aside, Luppa di dub lup dub is the way a heart beats. So, put your hand on your heart and sing the song along with it.
Anti-military echoes. Bone is always a waste of time. It produces nothing, but irritation for having done it, and having gotten where you are with it. This song can be used in Support Peace actions or singing veterans' bars.
A ballad. Burning bridges hide the view of the other side.