Flower Of Hope

(Ti Speir)

Hope can snap us out of the sadness, if we can just look closely and see- it's there.

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The grass beneath my feet Has withered and died. And the tears streak my cheeks And I know how you lied. Now the river is dry And the tears are all gone. And I’m too sad to cry, Too sad to move on. The air is too hot. I can hardly breathe. Just sit here and rot. Just die in this heat. I don’t want to move. Or XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX X XXX X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX X XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXX

© Ti Speir 2020

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