Edward McBride

Edward McBride is a new and gifted lyricist. He brings his unique perspective on the topics relevant to today in his writing.
Provocative, irreverent and unexpected, many of his lyrics are perfect for avant-garde melodies. He also writes lighter fare - perfect for pop, romantic and lyrical ballads.


#70 Suchergebnisse

This song describes the frustration of dating someone who sometimes does not bother to show up and in the end pushes her to end the relationship.
This song relates to the love lives of those who are in a travelling dance show and see each other every day. The connections made and lost. Conversely no time for romance just focused on being the best with no distractions.
This song is about how we communicate these days and tweeting has become more prominent as the President of the USA uses it extensively. Conversely it can be very annoying especially during the work day and the lyrics highlight the problem.
This song is about the start of a new relationship and the woman does not feel that he is falling in love with her . She thinks that he only sees her as a conquest to have a sexual relationship, and she will hold off to see if he wants her for love or sex.
These lyrics were inspired by the brave Hollywood actresses who finally had enough and stood up to a Movie Director and his abuse of power over them.