Edward McBride

Edward McBride is a new and gifted lyricist. He brings his unique perspective on the topics relevant to today in his writing.
Provocative, irreverent and unexpected, many of his lyrics are perfect for avant-garde melodies. He also writes lighter fare - perfect for pop, romantic and lyrical ballads.


#64 Suchergebnisse

This song is about a woman who has been cheated on by her fiance. Her anger can be likened to that of a Volcano that is gathering energy and steam until it explodes all over him.
This song is about a guy who drinks too much alcohol and strikes out at his girlfriend, as this was not the first time, she called the police and they charged him with assault.As it was not the first time he goes to jail.
This song is about a guy who treats his girlfriend with total disrespect and mocks and makes fun of her in front of their friends. She is of course very hurt with his moronic attitude towards her, and her friends have told her to dump him.
This song captures some of the surreal lifestyles of the Hollywood celebrities and how this lifestyle can be short lived. Directors,actors,lawyers,surgeons etc all come together to do whatever they feel like doing, whether it be kinky sex or designer drugs anything goes.
This is about the desire of a woman to be constantly touched everywhere by her boyfriend. She repeats it twice so that he will not forget.