Ti Speir

Ti Speir has been a writer and musician since the age of 12. She uses her talents in these fields to help herself and others escape and cope with the harsh realities of life. She can captivate an audience with her fluid movements from sadness to anger to light-heartedness- and back again.


#15 Suchergebnisse

Seems like we all want to know where God is and why He isn't right here where we can see Him. But He's still here. We just have to find Him in the little things.
A journey to being alone and learning that we can count on ourselves, and maybe no one else.
This was written years ago to express my struggles with clinging too much to others. I've learned my lesson now, and I'm so much stronger. I rely on myself, so no longer in need of total emotional support.
Just keep moving- one foot in front of the other. If we stop- it might be too late. We may have missed our chance.
How I circled back to writing again and life outside of work...