Victor Prosolow

Victor has taken a lot of time out of his life to write lyrics that directly reflect the experiences he has had. He has experienced heartbreak many times, depression, loneliness, but also happiness and triumph. Victor has taken these experiences and turned them into lyrics that can relate to all of those people that have had similar experiences.


#3 Suchergebnisse

The meaning behind this song is just that feeling that nothing ever goes right but yet you just push through it with a positive attitude until it starts to turn around for the better. It's also about heartbreak and being alone and trying to deal with the harsh reality of moving on from someone that you truly loved. Going from being in a deep loving relationship into having nobody is a very tough struggle. Some people can hide it well and some people cannot. No matter how much you say you're okay, the fact is most of the time you are only pretending that you're okay just to get by. When you are left in your own head to wonder and try to answer the question of "Why?", then it gets really difficult to look inside yourself and not think that there is something wrong with you. Why else would they leave? What's better about the person they left you for? Why wont they even try to make things work? These are questions you ask yourself. And you wonder about where they are and who they're with and if they are happier with their new life. Going on about your daily life becomes very difficult and you dont want to talk about it so you act like everything is fine. That's basically what the song is about. I went through a severe heartbreak. I got really sick. I lost a scary amount of weight and I was not doing well for a while. I lost my car, I was months behind on all my bills, and I would've lost my apartment if it wasnt for my landlord being so nice. I had a very bad falling out. And then when I was at my absolute lowest point, I realized that I am not being the best person I can be and it shows. So I made it a point to get myself better and turn things around. I got healthy, I was exercising daily, I started writing again and that is when I got the inspiration for this song.
This is about confidence. The story behind the song is about growing up with a broken smile, literally. My front teeth were broken and I had no confidence in myself. No money and no way to get them fixed. I grew up being constantly picked on and bullied about my teeth. No girls would talk to a short kid with no front teeth. Finally as a grown adult, I was able to make the appointment to get them fixed and I would be walking out with a whole new smile. Although the song is literally about a smile being fixed, it's also about gaining the confidence in yourself to just smile at all the hate and negativity that surround you on a daily basis.
The song is a representation of what it feels like to be with that certain someone that you can never have enough time with. That someone that means more to you than anyone or anything in your life and you have no way of conveying that feeling to them other than through a song. Life is short and when you find that someone that you want to spend your life with, the time is never enough.