Will Pacheco

Will Pacheco is a 20 year old Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, based out of Vancouver,BC,Canada, and currently studies at Nimbus School of Recording and Media. While Will has just begun in the music industry, his life experiences allow him to take others on a journey of his mind and life. Struggling with self confidence, gender dysphoria, depression and many other things is what makes Will Pacheco who he is, not only as a person, but as a writer. He likes to take the listener on a journey through simple yet intricate lyrics that relate to everyone in some way shape or form. Although some of his work seems exceedingly dark, dim, and depressing, Will see's the lyrics as a ray of hope, once for him, but now for others. Will Pacheco is a young talent, and excels writing on his own, but is more than willing to collaborate with other writers and artists to make each other better.


#1 Suchergebnisse

"Down By The River" is a dark, short story about two people so incredibly in love living in a small town. It represents a die hard love, literally. The story starts when two young people meet, and this boy is so incredibly infatuated with this girl that he would do anything for her, so when she asks him to help her commit a crime, he does so. Once caught they began to run away from their town down to the river that separated once town from another. Little did he know, this entire time she had been plotting to kill him.