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A humorous lyrical parody of Mark Knopler's (from Dire Strait's glorious) original classic "The Sultans of Swing". PLEASE NOTE: Since these lyrics are a parody (i.e. a humorous immatation) of the original song, The Sultans of Swing, any 3rd party acquiring a license of these lyrics WILL ALSO require explicit permission and license from the individual, artist, or copyright holding company of the original song's lyrics and/or music owner if its intended use is for any commercial, promotional, or advertisement purposes.
These lyrics show both sides to a rocky relationship; not just what the man feels, and not just what the woman feels. It’s a fun little duet, but it’s more twisted than lovely.
Another western song I wrote. Typically I write about outlaws and the suchlike, but this one's about a bounty hunter nicknamed "The Judge." I was going to write a very, very long song, about seven verses or so, explaining his real name, where he grew up, etc. Though I think I'd like to make a series of songs about The Judge. We'll see how it goes. This one's very catchy.
A lot of emphasis is placed on girls and guys meeting each other the "right" way now in our overly PC culture. I don't know anything about all of that; all I know is that people are never going to become close and fall in love if they never meet. So meet people how you want, where you want. As long as you respect other people, don't let anyone tell you what to do. This is a song about two people meeting in a bar and hitting it off. Soft, light, and most importantly, it's a true story for countless people.
This is for anyone who wants to prove that they're the best at rap/hip hop, this is pure insults you can use as inspiration or just drag and drop into your track...have fun!!