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Kriegspiel is basically a German style chess game with some different variations. Mainly the fact that you can see your own pieces but not your opponents and that you need a third party to referee the game. It's similar to Battleship for Americans. I got the idea after playing the game one night with a few friends while drinking a little too much. It was then my mind started racing about this relationship I was not happy with. As for the song it's basically a chess game of psychology, lust and sex between myself and a former partner. I think of it as quite a sexy song with thrills and spills.
Song about people and the things they may say
The words of a loved one can have an everlasting impact on us. They can give you a feeling of self-worth, make you feel loved and appreciated, and can be the boost needed when you're feeling down. Word pills is about a boy who felt worthless, lonely and hopeless, until he fell in love with a girl who changed everything. She gave him that boost he needed and he truly loves her for it and would return the favour no matter what it took.
Love, a word we grow up throwing around like it's nothing. Then as we grow older and learn its true power, we attach it to less and less things, less and less people. So when we attach it to someone and they leave, we are often left hopeless and vulnerable, with nothing but memories of how magical it once was, the depictions of love in movies we grew up watching and believing all seem untrue now, unrepresentative of how damaging love really can be.