Reverse Midas Touch

(Agustin Reyes)

Based off the story of King Midas where everything he touched turned to gold, This song symbolizes the opposite in where whatever this person touches, such as a relationship or even someone's emotions, will turn to crap basically.

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(Intro) Don’t be so serious And make me delirious (Verse 1) Your hands were so cold Even when we were home The darker the night The more perfect I was to you I’m just like the moon I said I love to change in front of you You covered me in raspberry tea But I felt the need to feel you Inside of me (Chorus) Once you had succeeded You got the best of me You made me so weak Had me feeling everything My knees were so swollen from being on them a little to much I couldn't withstand your reverse Midas touch (Verse 2) Baby I’m trying hard to breathe Breathe you in like something I could win I’m sure you’re used to a never ending sin You wanted me in the backseat Feeling on your body Said you’ll make me golden But haven’t you learned Don’t try to fix something that ain't broken (Chorus) Once you had XXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXX XX XX XXX XXXX XX XX XXXX XXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXX X XXXXXX XX XXXX X XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX X XXXX X XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX X XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX X XXX XXXXX XXX X XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX X XXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XX XXXXX XXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX X XXX XXXXXXX