Ari Wilde

Ari Wilde is a talented lyricist who has been writing songs for years and plays in a band. Ari writes meaningful and introspective lyrics about every topic and you can find a song that's relatable for every moment of your life.


#29 Suchergebnisse

A song about knowing that a friend of yours, that you really like and possibly wish they were your partner, is going through a bad time in their life and not being able to be there for them
This song is about loving someone so much that you're afraid you're losing your mind
This song is about not feeling okay, feeling alone or depressed or just tired and confused.
This song is about being fake happy and how it's useless sometimes to pretend you're anything but sad.
This song is about losing a friend, either because they're dead or gone away, and realizing too late how much they meant