(Joshua Lyons)

About struggling to idealize a relationship while grappling with the cold reality of the situation.

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Verse 1 I dream about sleep Lately I've been deprived Awake ungodly hours I don't want to be alive Put the car in drive Take me to the girl with the wooden cries Oak brown eyes I know will lead to my demise Skin smells like flowers She has super powers Devours hours of a whole life That steadily sours A life that once was ours I am tongue tied and speechless This is needless, I don't need this She'll just be pissed and Never heed this If she even reads this Chorus She's a color palette A collection of the Most beautiful sounds At least to me, they're in harmony I have no words Not just none seem right The most obscure seems Boring and trite In ways so ceaseless She's an oasis Her presence is pure anoesis Verse 2 Torn up love notes Scattered all over my bedroom floor Ripped to shreds just XXXX XX XXXXX XX XXX XXX XXXX X XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX X XXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX X XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX X XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXX XX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX X XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XX XXX XX XXX XXXX XXXXXX X XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXX XX XX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX

© Joshua Lyons 2017

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