Don't Hurry, I'm Still Drowning

(Hayden Coil)

As the title suggests, a song of intense depression pessimism, but one that eventually steps out of it's languid but necessary pace to search for meaning to existing, to carrying on without the one who is no more. It's about the necessity of this person's particular trial in order to eventually wade his way out of it victorious and carefree. To learn to live a peace in the haunt of death and to learn to love again is the point and attempt of this material. It's an exorcism of doubt and depravity and a catapult into someplace less moodily ambiguous. I hope you can make the tough slog through the material, and my heart, and find something inspiring in it by the end, as I know I have.

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Well I'm scared of climbing towers For what if they should fall But if the climb could take me home I'd happily ascend them all (Chorus 1) Put me under water If I could be born again I'm not asking to walk on water And I wouldn't if I can Reassemble me when I'm gone Maybe someone'll sing my song The grace period is brief, so don't take long The ripple in the air is just me singing along They try to catch you on descent They're just doing what they're meant The water balloons your lungs and then The hounds won't track your subtle scent (Chorus 2) Yeah, hold me under water If that would make me a man Throw me from on high If the place of promise is where I'd land But why all these desolate thoughts What of the joys I've surely wrought Maybe XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XX XX XXXXX XXX XXXX X XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX X XXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXX XX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXX XXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX

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